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CosmosUp | September 24, 2021

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5 Ridiculous Conspiracy Theories That Tried To Prove Aliens Exist

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Is there life elsewhere in the universe? It’s becoming increasingly likely that life must exist somewhere out there, but theories on aliens closer to home have ranged from misguided to idiotic.


Aliens Controlling American Foreign Policy
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When Edward Snowden opened NSA documents to the press in 2013, we were so distracted by such minor concerns as mass illegal surveillance that we missed the real story that he’d leaked: American foreign policy is being controlled by aliens.

According to a bogus report based on imaginary sources from Russia’s FSB (the KGB’s successor), extraterrestrial beings have been working alongside the United States government for several decades. One alien variety, the iconic “Tall Whites,” aided Nazi Germany’s rise.

This American-Alien Alliance is led by—you guessed it—President Barack Obama. This nonsensical claim was picked up by the Fars News Agency of Iran. Perhaps it will curb Iranian military ambitions. After all, who would want to risk angering the combined forces of America and E.T.?

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  1. Vincent Bennett

    News flash they are here and I can prove it but guess what no one wants to know the truth just look at some of my pics they are the real deal I’m sure you won’t report that because you can wrap your brain around the facts that are right in front of you I know a lot about these guys and they are here and they are watching everything

    • Paul

      Do they do naughty things to you?

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