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CosmosUp | October 28, 2021

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5 More Fascinating Facts about Planet Earth

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Pangea Ultima Is Coming

Pangea—a supercontinent with all seven modern continents formed as one landmass—existed 250 million years ago. Another 250 million years in the future, Pangea Ultima will take shape, and it will look much different than the Pangea of the past.

It’s impossible to know exactly what direction the tectonic plates will move, but we can predict what will happen by observing what is happening now. Based on this information, scientists predict California will collide with Alaska.

Most of the Mediterranean is actually part of the African tectonic plate, which has been inching northward for millions of years.

Africa will ram into Europe and create a gargantuan mountain range. Look to the Alps for scale and to understand the potential effects of colliding tectonic plates. Geologists estimate that the forming of supercontinents on Earth occurs cyclically, every 500–700 million years, and we’re in the middle of that cycle right now. Tectonic plates move at a rate slightly slower than average fingernail growth.

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