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CosmosUp | May 25, 2022

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5 Moon’s Mysteries

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The Moon’s Origin

Where did the Moon come from? The short answer is that we don’t really know. However, science is able to hazard a few educated guesses. There are five main theories about the origin of the Moon. The Fission Theory argues that the Moon used to be a part of our planet that was separated at some very early point of Earth’s history.

This would make the Moon part to what is currently the Pacific Ocean basin. The Capture Theory says that the Moon was just wandering the universe until our gravitational field caught it.

Other theories say our satellite was either condensed from a bunch of asteroids or the remains of Earth’s collision with an unknown Mars-sized planet.

Currently, the most likely candidate for the Moon’s origin story is the Ejected Ring Theory, which is better known as Giant Impact Theory.

According to this version, a protoplanet (a planet that is forming) called Theia collided with Earth. The ensuing cloud of debris eventually condensed into the Moon.

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  1. Azael

    The most intriguing lunar mystery was not even mentioned: the empirical evidences NASCAR has that the moon is either hollow or possesses no solid core. This has been repeatedly indicated by events in which meteors or other debris some the moon and such is registered on the Apollo seismometers on the other side of the Moon… for hours, thereafter. The Moon rings like a gong as the sound waves bounce around inside without being absorbed… as though there were nothing there to absorb them.

  2. Azael

    NASA… not NASCAR (Damned autocorrect)!

    The lack of an iron core also best explains why the Moon lacks a magnetic field, thus solving one of the listed mysteries.

  3. Karen

    “This may be because the images showing these “signs of life” have almost certainly been doctored by the conspiracy theorists.” OK that’s annoying. There’s too many and some of the anomalies have multiple views by multiple researchers at multiple angles and spread over time. Are the debunkers making a “conspiracy” claim that the real story is that “conspiracy theorists” are in a conspiracy themselves? That’s rich. Wouldn’t that be a “conspiracy theory” itself? Hey Psuedoskeptics… welcome to the club. We are having soooo much fun finding out that nearly everything revealed about the moon by “the authorities” is a mis-direction and subtrefuge. PS there are not enough conspiracy theorists to produce the large body of anomaly discoveries that are being found in space agency photographs released to the public of the moon. The quality of the images suck, by the way. They take what was probably full-color, high-resolution moving films and turn it into black and white, low-resolution still shots to hide what’s really there.

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