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CosmosUp | October 28, 2021

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5 Fascinating Natural Phenomena Filmed

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Exploding Lakes

Exploding lakes are natural phenomena that occur when unusually large amounts of either CO2 or methane gas are present in the water. During these “explosion” events, you can actually see the surface of the lake churning with bubbles as gas is released from the lake’s depths.

This creates a dangerous cloud of gas that can be fatal to those around the lake. This phenomenon was unheard of until 1984, when a lake in Cameroon exploded and produced a cloud of gas that killed 37 people. Another Cameroonian lake exploded in 1986, killing about 1,700.

In this video, you can see huge amounts of flammable methane gas spewing from various frozen lakes around the world. Not only does this demonstrate how dangerous the lake would be if it thawed, but relieving the lake of its methane and burning it allows it to enter into the atmosphere as CO2.

While CO2 is also a greenhouse gas, methane can trap up to 25 times as much heat, which means that these scientists are actually starting fires as a precautionary measure.

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