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CosmosUp | October 16, 2021

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5 Fascinating Natural Phenomena Filmed

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Dendritic Ice Crystals

Dendrites are crystals that form in a repeating pattern that gives them a tree-like appearance. In mineralogy, dendritic crystal formations are created whenever manganese- and iron-rich water flows along the fractures and bedding planes of various rock types.

In chemistry, a dendrite is any crystal that branches into two parts during growth.These fractal patterns give objects the appearance of an intricately made tree branch, and the imagery is made into an arguably more impressive winter aesthetic when it is made with ice.

With ice, these patterns are made when moisture from the surrounding atmosphere condenses almost instantaneously. The result is a series of patterns that will continue to repeat themselves until environmental conditions change.

Dendritic ice crystal growth is similar to that of a living thing, with the crystal becoming infinitely more complex over time.

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