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CosmosUp | December 4, 2021

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5 Fascinating Natural Phenomena Filmed

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Nature has a way of making us realize how incredibly small we are in the grand scheme of things. The closer we look, the more we realize that some of the scientific principles we take for granted can act in amazingly bizarre ways. It’s even better when we can capture these instances in photos and videos. Here is a list of 5 astounding natural phenomena caught on film. 


Sea Foam

Sea foam is created when marine water with a high concentration of organic matter is agitated, usually from breaking waves. This usually causes a thin line of foam on the waterline of the shore, but occasionally, the foam is produced in such large amounts that it breaks free of the water and invades dry land.

Sea foam can be created in large quantities for a few reasons, the most common of which are algal blooms. When massive amounts of autotrophs appear offshore, the resulting decayed algal matter can create foam as it is churned in the surf. Most of the time, this foam is harmless.

As a matter of fact, sea foam is a good indicator of normalcy in the surrounding ocean ecosystem. Sometimes, though, large amounts of sea foam can create a driving hazard.

Certain blooms (like that of the dinoflagellate Karenia brevis) can even spread algal toxins that can irritate the eyes and respiratory systems of beachgoers while causing large die-offs of seabirds and other marine organisms.

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