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CosmosUp | October 16, 2021

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5 Doomsday Theories About the Universe

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It Won’t (Because We Live In A Multiverse)

In a multiverse scenario, with infinite universes, these universes may spring in or out of existence. They could start in Big Bangs. Ours could end in a Big Crunch, a heat death, a Big Rip, or even a Big Foot (and the shout of “we told you so” from cryptozoologists would echo into eternity).

But it doesn’t matter: In a multiverse, our universe is just one of many. And though it could blow apart and shoot rainbows into the void between universes for all we care, the larger “universe” will still be there. A universe is anything and everything in existence.

And because there’s still matter out there, we’d still have a universe and existence.Even though time itself could run out in other universes, in a multiverse, new universes are being born all the time. According to the physics, the number of new universes will always outnumber the old ones, so in theory, the number of universes is increasing.

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