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CosmosUp | May 25, 2022

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5 Amazing Facts About Gamma Ray Bursts

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You can see them from halfway across the Universe

  Gamma ray bursts don’t just emit gamma rays. They also have an “afterglow” that covers the entire electromagnetic spectrum. X-rays and ultraviolet right the way down to infrared and radio waves.

In March 2008, one burst (GRB 080319B) was so bright that you would have been able to see it with the naked eye for 30 seconds. Despite a redshift of 0.937. Let’s put that into perspective — because of the way redshifts work, a redshift of 1 can be considered to be about halfway across the observable Universe. Loosely 7.5 billion light years away. This GRB was half a Universe away and visible to the naked eye! Incredible.

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  1. GlorytheRainwing

    This is so cool it totally helped with my science project!

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