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CosmosUp | October 28, 2021

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Monthly Archives: July 2014


Why is the Future so Scary?

July 2, 2014 | 7

It is easy to imagine that tomorrow will usher in a new era of happiness for everyone. However, the current reality of the world presents a different picture. Here, you’ll find a list of 5 reason why the future can be scary. Read More

Debates on God and the Creation of the Universe

July 1, 2014 | 2

The most profound question someone can ask is, “Who am I?” or “Where did I come from?” or “What am I doing here?” Why do human beings like believing that something exists, instead of nothing? Scholars argue that this is because something exists which provides the reason for its existence. Some of history’s best minds, scientists and philosophers, have tried to delve into the mysteries of the origin of the universe. Read More

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