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CosmosUp | May 31, 2023

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20 Mind-Blowing Facts About the Universe You Won’t Believe

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20 Mind-Blowing Facts About the Universe You Won’t Believe

11. Planets are created from the aftermath of starbursts, all of the remanent of material that’s left over will either to create an asteroid, a commet, a moon and if there’s enough, a planet.

12. Sagittarius B is a massive space cloud that’s twenty-six thousand light-years away from Earth that made entirely of alcohol, it contains over a billion billion billion liters of alcohol which is enough for about four hundred trillion pints of beer (don’t know about you but I’m getting thirsty).

13. Astrologers theorized that the center of our universe smells like rum and taste like strawberries, this is due to the discovery of ethyl formate in the Milky Way which is the chemical responsible for giving strawberries its flavor & rum it’s smell.

14. Everything on Earth including Earth itself is made of Stardust, every single natural occurring element with the exception of hydrogen and helium is created within stars, this means, as an example, that the iron in your blood is actually billions of years old from a star trillions of miles away (you’re a startchild).

15. 55 Cancri e is known as the diamond planet, discovered 40 light-years away from Earth its so rich in carbon that it’s believed to hold three times our planet’s mass in diamonds, it’s also believed to have a solid diamond core with the size of ten billion trillion trillion carats.

16 Black holes are among the most fascinating things in our universe mostly because our inability to accurately study them, although we don’t know too much about them, what we do know is that they form when stars dies and collapses on itself, the gravitational pull that’s created by this is so strong that nothing can escape from it not even light (think about as intergalactic vacuum cleaner).

17. Its hypothesize that 85 percent of the universe is made up of dark matter, dark matter is matter that cannot be directly seen with a telescopes and the only reason that we know it exists because its gravitational pull on visible matte.

18. The planet Venus‘ day is longer than it year is, this is because its complete an entire orbit around the Sun before it manages to rotate once on its axis.

19. Light hitting Earth right now is over 13000 years old, that’s because it takes that long for the energy in the sunlight to leave the Suns core and reach its surface and when it does finally reached the sun’s surface it only takes about eight minutes to reach Earth.

20. And finally, in space there’s something really cool called cold welding, give two pieces of metal touch in space they instantly bonded become one this is due to the vacuum that occurs in space, it doesn’t happen on earth because our atmosphere puts a layer of oxidized material between the two surfaces.

And that’s, those are the most interesting facts about the universe I found, if you guys wanna know more just google ‘interesting universe fatcs’ there’s lots of them out there. If you enjoyed our listfact don’t forget to click the Like button and share this on Facebook.

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