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CosmosUp | October 28, 2021

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10 NASA Inventions You Might Use Every Day

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Scratch-resistant Lenses

NASA needed a special kind of coating to protect the equipment in space from dust and debris. That’s why the Ames Research center created a scratch-resistant coating that could serve the purpose.

Later, Foster Grant Corp. acquired the license of coating and applied them on plastic lenses, creating extremely lightweight scratch-resistant lenses.

So, now when you flaunt your cool shades in summer, know that NASA is behind it.


Invisible Braces

Translucent polycrystalline alumina (TPA) is the secret behind invisible braces. It was first invented by Ceradyne in collaboration with NASA Advanced Ceramic Research to protect the infrared antennae of heat-seeking missile trackers.

At the same time, another company was working on a more aesthetic design of braces. They found that TPA was an ideal substitute, and since they were translucent they were perfect for invisible braces.

They are, in fact, one of the most successful and popular products in the orthodontics industry.

The list doesn’t end here. There are many more inventions of NASA that find their way into our daily life. Have you ever wondered how the Golden Gate Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, the Giant Buddha of Hong Kong and many other important monuments remain immune to corrosion. Well, thanks to NASA they have all been pained with a special protective paint.

It was first invented to protect the Kennedy Space Center’s launch structures from air-salt corrosion, thermal stress, and rocket exhaust. Safety grooving is another thing that was also first used at NASA. It might not seem like a big invention but, it is interesting to note that application of this technique on roads and highways have led to an 85% decrease in highway accidents.

Though we remain unaware of the fact, NASA’s inventions have touched many facets of our life and have gone a long way in improving the quality our life.


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