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CosmosUp | October 28, 2021

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10 NASA Inventions You Might Use Every Day

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Long Distance Telecommunication

Today we cannot imagine how it would be if long distance telephone calls did not exist. It has taken decades of work and technological advancement to make it possible and feasible.

NASA created satellites for communication between astronauts in outer space and scientists on Earth. Using the same technology, many more satellites were created.

They orbit the Earth today, and receive and send messages which makes it possible for us to communicate with people across the globe.


Shoe Insoles

You might be surprised to find that your athletic running shoes have borrowed technology from moon boots! Yes, that’s true.

Astronauts on the Apollo mission had specially designed boots with soles that had shock absorbing lining which helped in reducing the impact on their feet.

Today, shoe manufacturers use the same technology to create shoes that puts more spring in your step.

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