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CosmosUp | July 7, 2020

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You must Watch This Brilliant Video: Space Suite

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You must Watch This Brilliant Video: Space Suite

I saw this sweet little video by visual effects artist Lucas Green: “Space Suite”. He took NASA images from Cassini, Hubble, and more, applied a few simple 3-D tricks to them, and created something pretty dang amazing.

It’s all really cool, but I was particularly impressed with how he animated the hexagonal wind system at Saturn’s north pole. The shape seems totally counterintuitive, but it’s a natural outcome of how fluids move in a rotating system.

The images we have of the hex are incredible, but seeing it move so naturally and gracefully in Green’s video really brings it to life

“Space Suite” is a demo, a proof of concept for a longer project Green is doing. After getting a taste of what he can do, I’m very much looking forward to the completed work! Enjoy!




  1. Paula

    Wow! Rather neatly puts into perspective how ridiculous and without merit are the ambitions of a handful of selfish and ignorant “earthlings”, in the Grand Scheme of Things, doesn’t it?

  2. Greg

    That was great just the way it was, I would love to see it along with a narration.

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