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CosmosUp | January 28, 2020

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What is the Coldest Place in the World?

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What is the Coldest Place in the World?

Anyone of us wondered at least once in his lifetime, exactly where is the coldest place on the planet. Either we put this question in a blizzard and cold evening winter, or simply because we are curious to know more about world in which we live, there are places on our planet where the temperature drops to almost unimaginable levels.

In the heart of the little known Autonomous Republic of Yakutia (or Saha) of The Russian Federation, on the bank of Indigirka river, at a height of 780 meters and 30 kilometers north west of the highway linking Tomtor to Kolyma, there is the village of Oimeakon, is the place that was officially established The Cold Pole across the Northern Hemisphere.

In this time forgot valley from Siberia, the absolute negative record for The Northern Hemisphere was recorded on January 29, 1926. With the value of -71.2 degrees Celsius.

But this is not the coldest temperature on Earth. To discover the place where even the air freezes up, we must turn our attention to Antarctica, The White Continent.

Here, quite recently, on 10 August 2010, American researchers have measured using the latest tools, the lowest temperature ever recorded on the planet.

The previous record was 30 years old and had been established by Soviet scientists at Vostok Station, also in Antarctica, who have measured a temperature of -89.2 degrees Celsius. But the American researchers have used a very high resolution radiometer and the tools provided by NASA, with which they recorded in Antarctica the absolute temperature of – 93 degrees Celsius.

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