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CosmosUp | February 7, 2023

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Spectacular Images of Turrialba Volcano Eruption

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Costa Rica’s Turrialba volcano offered a fantastic show both fascinating and frightening. It’s last eruption has been captured with an infrared camera by the Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica (OVSICORI).

On Thursday morning at 1:19 a.m, Turrialba volcano erupted 30 miles (50 kilometres) east of Costa Rica’s capital, San José, spewing a cloud of ash, gas and rocks. Its ash spreads around the nearby regions, but causes no death or injury.

The eruption was very strong and reached some 3 kilometers above the volcano’s summit.

said Javier Pacheco, a volcanologist with the OVSICORI.

It was a single explosion but a really strong one. This means that there was high pressure inside the volcano,

The outpouring of lava was filmed with multiple cameras including thermal camera, which shows the roiling blast in fuchsia and yellow. By dawn, the current wind patterns caused the expelled materials to travel southeast of the volcano so in the morning, there was no visible “proof” of the eruption.

Costa Rica is home a great number of volcanoes, the Turrialba volcano is the second highest volcano in the country after Irazú Volcano, just 10,919 ft (3,328 m). It is located in the Central Highlands of Costa Rica along the southeast corner of the Central Volcanic Corridor.

The Turrialba volcano was a destination for hikers until 2014, when Costa Rica closed it in 2014 due to increased volcanic activity. The last major eruptions occurred in 1866; however, fumarolic activity remains constant from the highest peak, write

Turrialba volcano: spectacular images
Turrialba volcano 

The sleeping giant





Volcano eruptions



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WATCH: Infrared camera captures unique perspective of Costa Rica’s Turrialba volcano

This video was provided by Dr. Mauricio M. Mora, of the Volcanological and Seismological Observatory.



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