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CosmosUp | July 13, 2020

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The Experts Have Found A Star Into Another Star – Thorne-Zytkow object

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The Experts Have Found A Star Into Another Star – Thorne-Zytkow object

The universe is a place filled up with surprises and things that seem strange to us. However astronomers are hard to impress because they expect to everything including a star into another star.

The idea of a star hosted by another star (called Object-Żytkow Thorne) was proposed by two astrophysicists in the 1970s, but until recently, no one has seen it.

According to the journal Nature, theorists say that there are many ways in which it can form a Thorne-Żytkow object, but the most likely scenario is that a red giant star swallowing a neutron star.

“Neutron star would be attracted to the red giant, and after tens of thousands of years will reach its center, replacing the red giant core but leaving the rest intact.” write Discover Magazine.  Researchers say that they have found such an object, but will not make it public for now, until they can be absolutely sure it is so.

We already knew that massive stars are very often in binaries,

said Selma de Mink ~ study co-author.

What is very surprising to us is that they’re so close, and such a large fraction is interacting. If a star has a companion so close next to it, it will have a very different evolutionary path. Before, this was very complicated for us to model, so we were hoping it was a minority of stars. But, if 70 percent of massive stars are behaving like this, we really need to change how we view these stars.

These stars are absolute behemoths,

study lead author Hugues Sana said in a statement.

They have 15 or more times the mass of our sun and can be up to a million times brighter.

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