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CosmosUp | July 13, 2020

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Really Amazing Video of Lightning Seen from Space

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Really Amazing Video of Lightning Seen from Space

Do you ever asked yourself just how ‘Lightning Seen from Space’? Dramatic photos from NASA show lightning in the eye of Cyclone Bansi on January 12. The rare images were taken by Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti aboard the International Space Station (ISS), who managed to capture the lighting at the exact second it hit the eye of the cyclone.

The calm ‘eye’ of the storm can be seen illuminated by lightning and surrounded by swirling clouds as it made its way across the ocean.They show the swirling motion of the storm around the central blue eye.

According to NASA, the wall of the eye is being illuminated by a flash of lightning in the center of the storm – which also lights up nearby clouds.

The storm is old news, seen by astronauts passing 400 kilometers overhead in 2012, but the footage was just released by the European Space Agency. The images use their specialized Night-pod camera aid, a tool to compensate for motion blur by keeping the target centered in-frame despite the station’s 28,000 kilometer per hour dash around the planet. Night photography is particularly difficult, where the low-light situation requires longer exposures and flash is utterly futile. So, while this isn’t the first lightning storm we’ve captured from orbit, this 49-frame video makes up the clearest, sharpest storm footage we’ve seen.

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