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CosmosUp | July 16, 2019

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Is the Future of the Universe Already Determined?

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The ultimate fate of the universe is a topic in physical cosmology. Most of the cosmologists says that the ultimate fate of the universe is dependent on the shape of the universe and what role dark energy will play as the universe ages.

There are many theories, many ideas, many possible fates are predicted by rival scientific theories. But could we actually predict the future of the univers?

This question arise another questions like: Do the past and future exist? what does that mean for quantum randomness? What is Random after all? …etc…. A list of scientific (even philosophical) questions that nobody have concret answers yet.

Down, you can watch a video (by Veritasium team): they are trying to explain what is not Random. Watching this video, maybe you will find an answer or maybe you will just find it interesting (or not).

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