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CosmosUp | June 1, 2020

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Mily Way 11 Billion Years Ago: How Our Galaxy looked Like When It Was Formed

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Mily Way 11 Billion Years Ago: How Our Galaxy looked Like When It Was Formed

“We have direct images of what the Milky Way looked like in the past”, said Pieter G. van Dokkum researcher at Yale University, after he and his team of specialists have used images taken by Hubble Telescope in order to present us a “view” of our earlier-galaxy.

This image, which reconstructs how our galaxy looked 11 billion years ago, it was based on other images that capture the galaxy M33, a cluster of stars that resemble the Milky Way.

NASA’s scientists says that it is an imaginary view of our galaxy which can help us to understand how it looked 11 billion years ago, if it were seen from a supposed planet.

  As it can be seen, the disk and the star clusters in the center of the Milky Way must have been smaller and less bright in the distant past. Instead, we can observe the glare produced by the birth of stars which takes place in the bright pink nebulae. The few stars visible are blue and bright.

Currently, the night sky is dominated by the brightness of the countless white middle-aged stars that stretch across the galaxy. Compared to 11 billion years ago, the number of stars in the process of formation is much smaller.

Mily Way 11 Billion Years Ago

Milky Way Now

You can see that these galaxies are fluffy and spread out. There is no evidence of a bulge without a disk, around which the disk formed later,

said co-author Dr Shannon Patel of Leiden University.

These galaxies show us the whole Milky Way grew at the same time, unlike more massive elliptical galaxies, in which the central bulge forms first,

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