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CosmosUp | May 31, 2023

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Dangerous Asteroid Rapidly Approaching Earth?

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Dangerous Asteroid Rapidly Approaching Earth?

A large asteroid named 2014 UR116 is moving into an orbit, most likely involving a collision with Earth. Asteroid flies inside the solar system.

His route is similar to the trajectory of the Chelyabinsk meteorite. He flies by planet, Venus and Mars, and is a real danger for the inhabitants of the earth.

The asteroid was recorded robotic telescope “Master” at a time when he flew past the planet Earth at a distance of approximately 1.496 million kilometers.

Scientists have brought it to the list of potentially dangerous for mankind celestial bodies.

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I don’t know what ” Exact trajectory of the asteroid 2014 UR116 yet impossible to determine, but theoretically it could collide with the Earth, and Mars and Venus.” but according to this page (translated from Russian) from
_ :

Russia’s only network of robotic telescopes MASTER created by Lomonosov Moscow State University University in collaboration with the three domestic universities (Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk and Blagoveshchensk), Kislovodsk Station of the Pulkovo Observatory RAS and the University of San Juan (Argentina), an asteroid discovered in 2014 UR116, – more than 300 meters in diameter – which can collide with the Earth. This was reported by the laboratory site space monitoring MSU.

At night, October 27 Russian robotic telescope , located in the Caucasus Mountains near Kislovodsk, gave a suspicious rapidly moving object (see. picture below the text – between shots a few minutes). Denis Denisenko, a member team of craftsmen, sent it to the coordinates of the Minor Planet Center of the International Astronomical Union. 20 minutes later, the British astronomer confirmed our observation, and for the last two days, astronomers have conducted more than 100 measurements of this object.

Based on the data of the brilliance of the found object and distance calculated from observations of two dozen observatories in the world, we can say that the asteroid 2014 UR116 size exceeds Apophis with the Earth can meet in the next decade, that is, its diameter is greater than 300 meters.

Exact trajectory of the asteroid 2014 UR116 yet impossible to determine, but theoretically it could collide with the Earth, and Mars and Venus. The energy of the explosion, in the event of a collision with the Earth, a thousand times greater than the explosion of Chelyabinsk asteroid.

2014 UR116 – this is the third potentially dangerous asteroid, discovered masters. Two others – SW24 2013 and 2013 UG1 – were smaller 250 and 125 meters respectively.

Much larger telescopes US, according to a news website laboratories missed the space object, because all his previous flyby of the Earth took place at the full moon, when the Giants antiasteroid system idle.
Frames of the moving image taken with an interval of several minutes.

Could be something or nothing of course.
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  1. DrewKendall

    What a horribly irresponsible and poor excuse for a science article. Why???? Simple! Because during the article the writer continues to offer redundant references to how much danger the Earth could face…. all because 2014 UR 116 is very very big. And, so??? So, is the moon?!! Perhaps you don’t get that silly metaphor, so let me explain. Earth’s moon is really really big, right? Much bigger than any object explained to be over 300 Meters long. Wait, I see some of you looking at me like a fore-lorn puppy who has lost its mommy and is lost. Okay, I’ll break it down further for those of you who might still be hiding under your bed sheets over this Space-Abortion called 2014 RU116.

    If someone claiming to be a scientist walked up to you today, and said “hey, did you know the moon is really flippin’ big, and based on that, I think you better find some friend with a time travel machine and blow this Popsicle stick stand before you all die…. would you leave the planet. Well, even if you were thinking about it, chances are you’d take your time. WHY you still ask?? BECAUSE A COMMON SENSE QUESTION TO MR. SCIENTIST WOULD BE – U’M CAN YOU KINDA TELL ME PRETTY MUCH WHEN THE MOON IS GONNA CRASH INTO THE EARTH? If the answer is, well there’s not a snowball in hell’s chance that’s going to happen for at least 6 years, wouldn’t the average intelligent person then ask, “well…. when exactly is the moon going to crash into earth??” What THAT answer comes back “well, there’s no guarantee it’ll ever happen, I’m just sayin’ “hey, anything’s possible right?? This is where a civilized person of society, should immediately seek a heavy shovel, and proceed to smack the scientist across his head as hard as he can.
    Cosmos, here’s a clue for you. No one really cares how big bad and ugly your space rock is. What many do care about however, is when does verifiable data claim a very significant risk will impact our planet. Because, if you come up with some crap like, ” well even though Vegas puts odds of UR116’s hitting Earth at less than .02%, then why are we talking? Why are you even living? Know, if you tell me that there is no chance for this object to hit Earth anytime soon, but our projections indicate that UR116 will probably come within 50 km of Earth in 57 1/2 years from now…well Mr. “Space for Brains”, good work and good science! Someone, someday is gonna risk having a really bad Corned Beef Sandwich in about 57 years, right about at the time when some Goliath space marble is fast closing on slapping a cannon ball on our asses and in that fun little swimming pool we like to call the The Atlantic. NOWHERE, IN THIS ARTICLE – I’LL REPEAT….NOWHERE, is there any science even stated when and why a real risk will ever cause UR116 to approach Earth. Instead, this article basically says….” well, we are positive that UR116 will not approach Earth in the next 6 years. After that, well “who knows”, I mean anything “can happen”, right? Plus, this rock is really really scary; in fact all big things are scary.

    So, Mr. student writer. leave UR116 to fly around the solar system. Feel free to come on back when um…. oh, I remember now… come on back when when you have a little substance, a few facts, and a summarizing point.

  2. Richard Mathes

    Ok I agree with Drew. Ok look this asteroid has a 0% chance of impacting the earth within the next 100 years. That was from ron baalke the man that works with these types of asteroids. It only had one close approach. On oct 21 2014. “Just in many other cases when a asteroid is first discovered there are many uncertain numbers that asteroid will potentially hit earth.” That was from ipac. But as more data is Made the asteroids orbit is figured out or calculated. I don’t get why media is all the time thinking of ways start stupid things like this. This asteroid won’t hit earth. More data has proved that there’s many cases like theses.

  3. Hannover Fist

    I love big giant asteroid stories as much as the next guy, as a matter of fact I wish this planet got a big fat enema from one, if you haven’t noticed this planet is a little screwed up by mankind at the moment and we could use something to reduce the population a bit. But even if it is bigger than Apophis it’s still just 300m which is not a planet killer, it’s more like an attitude adjustment and a few people are going to have a bad day. Even if we knew it was going to impact in a week the probability of it hitting land is low so you would have tsunamis, and right now I can think of a few areas that could use to be washed off the planet, like D.C. and New York.

    Besides, it’s not the rocks we do find that are the problem, it is the ones we don’t see. One article even suggested that Mars or Venus might change it’s orbit sending it here in under 3 years which could be true, but it was based on pure speculation with no facts and like I said above, 300m doesn’t get me excited.

    What does get me excited though are things we can’t predict like when will the Cascadian Subduction Plate that is locked finally break free causing a massive tsunami and 9.0 magnitude Earth Quake? Or when will the San Madrid fault wake up and how big will it be? Or when will Yellowstone decide to erupt again? These are things we know are going to happen eventually, and rocks hitting this planet are included in that list, but lets spend a bit more time gathering the facts before we start claiming the sky is falling.

    But with all that said we could get hit by a solar flare tomorrow, take out all electrical systems on the planet, and have mankind kill itself off because it has become so reliant on a unprotected power grid.

    In other words, the Sky is always falling.

  4. Ronniejames Vadala

    Well, simply put, we should not worry . Because there are asteroids we cannot see until
    it’s too late. When NASAs . Redirect program is initiated then we could hold our breath.

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