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CosmosUp | June 2, 2020

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Chilean Government: Official Report Claiming ‘Genuine UFO’ Seen

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Chilean Government: Official Report Claiming ‘Genuine UFO’ Seen

Each year, there are several, if not hundreds, of UFO sightings. But these sightings are rarely corroborated and verified by an agency to be authentic UFOs. That is, until this year. The government of Chile has an agency — called the Committee for the Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (CEFAA) — which has issued a report declaring that two photographs taken by engineers above a remote copper mine with an object “can be qualified as a UFO.”

According to the report, the engineers described the object as ‘a flattened disc of brilliant colour with a diameter of 5 to 10 metres [16 to 32 feet].

It performed ascending, descending and horizontal movements in short lengths, about 600 meters above the ground.’

One of the workers reportedly took the pictures on a Kenox Samsung S860 camera after they spotted the object at the Collahuasi copper mine while they were working there in April 2013.

While the engineers did not want to talk about the sighting, the photographer did tell a colleague at the mine, who sent copies of the images to the CEFAA earlier this year.

The engineer who sent the pictures on to the government agency also passed on information provided to him by the witnesses.

Following investigations, the CEFAA

Following investigations, the CEFAA ruled out the possibility of any meteorological phenomena, including lenticular clouds, along with experimental aircraft, planes, and weather balloons

 So far the government has been unable to explain what exactly was floating above the mine on that day in April as all metrological phenomena has been ruled out along with any experimental aircraft, planes, weather balloons or anything else that could appear as a floating disc.

“People in that zone know about drones,” said Jose Lay, international affairs director for the CEFAA, to the Huffington Post. “Fishing companies use drones and they make a lot of noise. This was definitely not a drone.”

Most experts looking at the photo agree that whatever it is in the sky is not the normal hoax that tends to crop up with UFO conspiracy theorists.

The study concludes: ‘It is an object or phenomenon of great interest, and it can be qualified as a UFO.’ The report was released in the same week as the CIA revealed they were responsible for a number of ‘UFO’ sightings in Norway in the 1950s.

 And if you think the official report by the Chilean government is odd, consider this: the government of Peru has opened up the Department of Investigation of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (DIFAA) has been assembled by the government to serve those “who observe seemingly unconventional phenomena, which cause surprise or concern, know that there is an institution that will study and research your information,” according to Colonel Julio Vucetich.

Those who want to share information can contact the telephone hotline of the department, send a message via email or use the website to report the UFO sightings. What’s more, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador and Uruguay have similar departments. Oh, and so does Chile.


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