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CosmosUp | February 23, 2020

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Stephen Hawking & Yuri Milner Will Send A Spacecraft To Alpha Centauri

April 13, 2016 |

Russian billionaire Yuri Milner & World-renowned British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking teamed up in a $100 million space initiative to develop a spacecraft that would send probes to Alpha Centauri, the nearest star system to Earth. Read More

Rare Compact Elliptical Galaxy Hosting A Monster Black Hole Discovered

April 11, 2016 |

Astronomers have discovered a rare compact ancient galaxy hosting a supermassive black hole with an estimated mass of 2 million solar masses. Read More

The First Cold Neptune Exoplanet Found to Date

April 6, 2016 |

Using the technique of gravitational microlensing, a team of astronomers have discovered a Neptune-like exoplanet, the first Neptune analog planet to date. Read More

KELT-4Ab Planet With Three Suns, Rare Triple Star System

April 2, 2016 |

A team of astronomers working at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics have just found a stable planet inside in a three-star system. Read More

Was Planet Nine Captured By The Sun During The Cluster Phase?

March 24, 2016 | 3

Is planet nine actually an exoplanet? New study investigate the prospects for the capture of Planet 9 from other stars during the dissipation of the Sun’s birth cluster. Read More

HD 20782b: The Most Eccentric Planet Ever Discovered

March 21, 2016 |

A team of astronomers have recently detected an exoplanet situated 117 light years away from us that boasts the most eccentric orbit known to date. Read More

ExoMars Probe Is Ready To Be Launched On Monday Heading Back To Red Planet

March 12, 2016 |

Well, it’s time. The instruments are on board. All the major tests are done. And now, ExoMars 2016 is set to launch! ExoMars is being run by the ESA and the Russian space agency Roscosmos, with an orbiter-lander combo set to arrive at Mars this October. Read More

Fast Radio Bursts Help Us To Find Universe’ Missing Matter

March 9, 2016 |

Here on Earth, radio waves help us communicate with one another. But in deep space, they might be able to help us find the Universe’s missing matter. Read More

GN-z11 Is The Most Distant Galaxy Ever Seen Yet

March 5, 2016 |

Astronomers, using the Hubble Space Telescope, announced that they have observed and confirmed the most distant galaxies ever detected by pushing Hubble to its limits. Read More

Using Photonic Propulsion We Could Get to Mars In 3 Days

February 29, 2016 | 3

A group of researchers at the University of California, investigates how to harness the power of light to get to Mars after a journey of just 3 days. It sounds like science fiction, but the technology could become reality, NASA scientists says. Read More

Colonize Mars: Can This Dream Come True?

February 27, 2016 | 1

It’s one of the most familiar places in the solar system, near 24 hour day-cycles, mountains, valleys even liquid water. With so much in common with Earth you’d think Mars could be a second home for the human race, but you’d be wrong! Read More

NASA Planning To Send HAVOC Airships To Venus

February 25, 2016 |

We’ve talked a lot about sending people to Mars, mostly because sending people to Mars would be really, really cool. But we also talk so much about it because a lot of people think that Mars is the next place humans will colonize. Read More

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