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CosmosUp | July 16, 2020

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The Difference Between Conspiracy Theory And Rational Skepticism

July 23, 2014 | 1

As some of you may have surmised, I have a passing interest in conspiracy theories. As a philosopher, I am fascinated by some of the fantastical contrivances that slip out of the mouths of people like Alex Jones and David Icke. My fascination stems from genuine curiosity, with specific regard to how anyone could rationalize the world so poorly. Read More

Will Betelgeuse Become a Second Sun?

July 21, 2014 |

Betelgeuse will explode someday. It lies some 430 light-years from Earth. Yet it’s already one of the brightest stars in Earth’s sky. The reason is that Betelgeuse is a supergiant star. It is intrinsically very brilliant. Read More

How to Detect Exoplanets?

July 18, 2014 |

A generation ago, the idea of a planet orbiting a distant star was still in the realm of science fiction. But since the discovery of the first exoplanet in 1988, we’ve found hundreds of them, with the discoveries coming at a faster rate over time. Read More

Top 5 First Discoveries In Astronomy (Along the History)

July 18, 2014 |

Astronomy is probably the oldest science. Ancient civilizations around the world gazed up at the sky and the stars, but it wasn’t until the scientific enlightenment of the 17th century that astronomers were able to get a handle on how things actually worked up there. These new discoveries would eventually lead to the rich, fascinating picture of the universe we have today. Here are a few significant milestones that had to be reached along the way. Read More

Is the Future of the Universe Already Determined?

July 17, 2014 |

The ultimate fate of the universe is a topic in physical cosmology. Most of the cosmologists says that the ultimate fate of the universe is dependent on the shape of the universe and what role dark energy will play as … Read More

10 Incredible Deep-Space Photos

July 13, 2014 |

These photos are out of this world! Check out stellar images taken on NASA missions in outer space. Here is the first list (10 photos, credit -click the image to zoom) Read More

Voyager 1 have Finally Reached Interstellar Space

July 12, 2014 |

The past two years have been a little confusing for NASA’s Voyager 1 space probe, as its status as an interstellar traveller has been considered, debated, officially confirmed and then debated some more. However, new data looks to confirm that the intrepid spacecraft is actually in interstellar space, and the mission scientists have our Sun to thank for it. Read More

Big Bang: Big Doubt For Most Americans

July 12, 2014 |

A recent poll brings bad news for those who trust in scientific consensus: a majority of adults in the United States are not convinced that the universe began with the Big Bang according to a new Associated Press poll. Read More

Mercury was Born from Hit-and-Run Interplanetary Collisions

July 11, 2014 |

Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are known as the rocky planets, in contrast the Solar System’s gas giants-Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, writes Time. Yet Mercury doesn’t quite fit with the other rocky worlds, Erik Asphaug, a planetary scientist at Arizona State University, said in a statement. Read More

What Do Aliens Look Like?

July 6, 2014 |

The real face of life on alien worlds is far stranger than fiction. There’s an exotic zoo of planets out there many of them aren’t anything like the kind of planets we find in our own solar system. Space telescopes have spotted thousands of potential planets for extraterrestrials to call home. Using this data, we are zooming in to determine what the alien inhabitants might look like. Read More

Did You Know about the Origin of the Sun?

July 4, 2014 |

Stars such as the sun usually form clusters along with other stars. Many of them are spread out, allowing the stars to drift apart, although others are more intense with gravity keeping the stars closer together. Today, the sun stands alone which makes astronomers wonder that our star and its solar system had either been evicted from its original cluster or moved away from its sibling stars around 4.5 billion years ago. Read More

Is There a Meaning to Life?

July 4, 2014 |

We humans are curious species, we wonder, we seek answers, so can we answer the greatest question of all: is there a meaning to life?
You might think it is a philosophical question, but I believe science holds the key. Read More

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