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CosmosUp | February 23, 2020

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Black knight: An Alien Satellite Orbiting Earth?

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Legend has it that there is a mysterious, ancient dark object orbiting Earth for quite some time now. Its origin and purpose are incomprehensible, named the Black Knight this 13K years old subtle satellite has supposedly been transmitting signs towards the Earth for over 50 years now.

The inception of the ominous name is a part of the enigma; it is difficult to find who initially called it this or to be sure why. People have just in the most recent 60 years had the technology to launch a man-made object into space so what is the logical clarification of stories of an alien intruder on our doorstep?

The Tesla Transmissions The primary evident piece of this story starts with signals picked up by Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), a brilliant Serbian inventor who spent the vast majority of his vocation in the USA. He was an electrical specialist and delivered works which investigated radio and remote transmissions.

In 1899, he reportedly intercepted a signal dissimilar to any of the characteristic sources from Earth, for example, electrical storms that he had already examined in his experiments. Rather, he declared that regular signals must be coming from an intelligent outside source, possibly inhabitants of Mars. Tesla never claimed to have heard signals from a satellite orbiting Earth.

I have a deep conviction that highly intelligent beings exist on Mars,

Tesla told a reporter from the Albany Telegram in 1923.

While experimenting in Colorado…I obtained extraordinary experimental evidence of the existence of life on Mars. I had perfected a wireless receiver of extraordinary sensitiveness, far beyond anything known, and I caught signals which I interpreted as meaning 1–2–3–4. I believe the Martians used numbers for communication because numbers are universal.

Black knight infographic 
Today there are the individuals who say he was listening to a transmission from an orbiting satellite of unknown origin, later called by some the Black Knight.

It is somewhat more probable, however still extremely distant from plausible, that what was Tesla distinguished was not a circling satellite but rather flags radiated from normal objects.

Today we know of some natural extraterrestrial repeating sources, for example, pulsars. These are highly magnetized, rotating neutron star that emits a beam of electromagnetic radiation. They were initially found in 1967 by Northern Irish astrophysicist Jocelyn Bell-Burnell (1943-).

Until certain of their beginning, they were jokingly nicknamed the Little Green Men signals. Tesla was not hearing the signals from pulsars however and was totally unaware of the nature of what he had really detected (if undoubtedly he grabbed anything by any stretch of the imagination).

Telsa clearly never attempted to repeat his observations, claiming that different matters took priority, an astonishingly casual response to so significant a claim.

The Black Knight Decoded

In the 1920s mysterious signs were again detected by a Norwegian engineer named Jørgen Hals. These were initially of Earthly origin, yet their timing was strange! Hals noticed that some of the signals would echo back to him several seconds after the initial transmission had ended. These Long Delayed Echoes (LDEs) were hard to clarify in terms or radio waves bouncing off atmospheric layers.

In 1973, science fiction author Duncan Lunan went back to these signals to check whether he could comprehend them. Marvelously, by plotting the delay times against the order in which the echoes were received he could make what seemed, by all accounts to be star charts and diagrams.

By translating them, Lunan decided that the signals were really messages transmitted by a test initially from the star Epsilon Böotes which had been hiding close to the Moon for as long as 13 000 years. Lunan later retracted his conclusions, admitting he’d made “outright errors” and characterizing his methods as “unscientific”.

Lunan is not an expert astronomer but rather a science communicator and sci-fi creator with a flair for outré ideas yet in any case the name Black Knight is never specified by him; nor has he actually connected his Epsilon Böotes theory with the Black Knight, others appears to be responsible for this.

The final piece of proof came in 1998, when the space shuttle Endeavor made its first flight to the International Space Station on flight STS-88. Astronauts aboard Endeavor took many photographs of a strange object, which were widely available to the public on the NASA website.

NASA Black Knight

Official image:

NASA official Black knight

Official image:

NASA image

Official image:

Close-up of the Black Knight

Close-up of the Black Knight. One of the strangest objects orbiting our planet. Image Credit NASA.

Black Knight Satellite

The Black Knight Satellite, close-up image. Image credit NASA.

 So is the Black Knight an Extraterrestrial satellite sent to Earth to study the Human race? We actually don’ know. One thing is for sure, Black knight remains as one of the most mysterious objects to orbit our planet.

We’d never seen anything like this star, it was really weird.


  1. E.R. Wallace, Ph.D.

    “Tesla was not hearing the signals from pulsars however and was totally unaware of the nature of what he had really detected (if undoubtedly he grabbed anything by any stretch of the imagination).”

    The author’s statement is both historically inaccurate and libelous.

  2. Wendy Emlinger

    Hmmm, are any of the astronauts missing their luggage? :) From some angles it looks like one of those rectangular wheeled bits of luggage. Other views look a lot like a hatch or curved chunk of one of those old NASA rockets we used to launch. If they can plot its orbit, maybe they can intercept it and bring it close enough to get a good look. If it is one of our bits of orbital trash, they might want to encourage it to fall and burn up. I’d hate to have it hit the ISS.

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