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CosmosUp | September 30, 2020

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Monthly Archives: April 2016


Terrifying Facts About Space That Will Creep You Out

April 10, 2016 | 1

Space itself is inconceivably large, an absolutely crazy, weird place. There are a lot of strange things out there. We highlight the top ten strangest things found in space. Read More

The Extragalactic Cold Spot: What Is It?

April 9, 2016 | 2

In 2004, researchers were combing through the data from a satellite called WMAP when they noticed something unusual. Part of the universe looked a lot colder than the rest. They called it, appropriately, the Cold Spot and scientists still aren’t really sure why it’s there. Read More

NASA Confirmed New Potentially Hazardous Asteroids Near Earth

April 8, 2016 | 1

NASA’ NEOWISE mission (Near-Earth Object Wide-field Survey Explorer) has just released a worth of survey data, characterizing 439 near-Earth objects, out of those, 72 are newly discovered. Read More

Structure Of Planet 9: What’s It Made Of?

April 8, 2016 |

Researchers at the University of Bern in Switzerland have created a detailed model of the hypothetical world Planet 9 to figure out the structure of this world. Read More

The First Cold Neptune Exoplanet Found to Date

April 6, 2016 |

Using the technique of gravitational microlensing, a team of astronomers have discovered a Neptune-like exoplanet, the first Neptune analog planet to date. Read More

Six New Planetary Nebulae Discovered In The Small Magellanic Cloud

April 5, 2016 |

Using deep UK Schmidt telescope (UKST), a team of astronomers have found and confirmed six new planetary nebulae in a neighbor galaxy, the Small Magellanic Cloud. Read More

Arctic Sea Ice Hit Its Lowest Level Ever Recorded

April 5, 2016 |

Due to another historically warm winter, Arctic sea ice hit a record wintertime low for the second year, the lowest maximum level on record, according to data from National Snow and Ice Data Center and NASA. Read More

Mystery of Enceladus Geysers Solved By Researchers

April 3, 2016 |

Since NASA’ Cassini spacecraft observed the famous geysers erupting on Saturn’s moon Enceladus in 2005, the phenomena that drives and sustains these eruptions has baffled scientists, but now researchers may have finally solved the mystery. Read More

[Part 2] Weird Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

April 3, 2016 | 2

Want some weird facts? Here is a list of random facts. Some of these facts you’ll know, and others may surprise you. [Check out part 1] Read More

Did Asteroid Hit Jupiter? Or Comet?

April 2, 2016 |

On Mar 17 it was rumored that amateur astronomers looking at Jupiter that night saw a brief flash of light on the surface of the gas giant. Read More

KELT-4Ab Planet With Three Suns, Rare Triple Star System

April 2, 2016 |

A team of astronomers working at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics have just found a stable planet inside in a three-star system. Read More

Repeating Space Signals FRBs 121102 Is No More A Mystery

April 1, 2016 |

Very recently, a team of scientists from CSIRO (the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) detected ten bright bursts from the direction of the fast radio burst FRBs 121102. Read More

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